Welcome to Trump Wall!
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We have added over 63000 trx to the pot since both games launched!

How to play : The game were your workers make bricks to build a border wall, or you sell them to Trump for a profit!

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0 Illegal Workers

Your workers are producing 0 Bricks per hour


0 Bricks
(? until your WheelBarrow is full)

Each transaction costs approx. 2 TRX


? Bricks for

No Refunds

TRON TRUMP WALL is the #1 tron brick border wall simulator and idle game on the TRON network. The more illegal workers you have, the more bricks you can sell or trade with (each worker makes brick at a rate of 1 per day). Trade your bricks to Trump for more workers to multiply your production, or cash them out for TRON!

Powered by TronLink (also works with Scatter)

This game requires the TronLink extension for Chrome.

Automated Market

TRON TRUMP Wall features a high tech automated market that lets you instantly buy or sell bricks with a single transaction. Driven by supply and demand, the price automatically adjusts as players trade.


>Earn 20% of the number of all transactions by anyone who starts playing TrumpWall using your link: ?